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The TV Breakups That Left Us All Heartbroken




It is really easy to get invested in a TV show, the characters and relationships. We root for people to get together and when they do we all hope it will have a happily ever after. So when out favorite couples have heartbreaking breakups, we can’t help but feel devastated for them.


Whether you deal with it by sobbing in front of the TV, or writing angry social media posts, everyone has their process. These couples had some of the saddest endings that left us losing faith in love.

Will and Lisa

In The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will was known as quite the ladies man who jumped from woman to woman quite quickly. However, his player ways came to a serious halt when he met Lisa Wilkes in season five.


Finally, Will found a woman who turned him from boy to man. Although we thought they were solid and Lisa stood by him in the hardest of times, everything came brutally crashing down when she left Will at the altar. A heartbreaking end to a beautiful love story.

Kevin and Winnie

In The Wonder Years, viewers fell in love with Kevin and Winnie. Everyone can remember their first love, a poignant and wonderful time in life. Audiences were rooting for Kevin as he did everything he could to woo Winnie, the girl of his dreams.


After some public displays, Winnie was eventually won over. However, high school relationships come with plenty of ups and downs along with a lot of jealousy, possessiveness and childishness. Their breakup was inevitable and we really felt for both of them. Thankfully they rekindled their relationship in the finale.

Lana and Clark

From the outset, it was obvious that Lana and Clark from Smallville were destined to be together. With undeniable chemistry it was only a matter of time before they were an item.

Warner Bros.

After getting so close many times, it wasn’t until season seven that they got together. It all came crashing down when Lana was infected with kryptonite and their relationship became too dangerous. Lana and Clark’s breakup then set up writers to lead him towards Louise Lane.

Lorelai and Luke

On Gilmore Girls, it was usually Rory who we would see jump in and out of relationships, having plenty of drama and breakups along the way. So when we saw the relationship between Lorelai and Luke break down, it was devastating for fans.


Their chemistry was obvious and after taking five seasons to get together, it was too hard to take. Eventually the lovers realized they were soul mates and destined to be together after her Lorelai’s ex returned and gave her the epiphany she needed. 

Zack and Kelly

Zack and Kelly in Saved By The Bell had one of the most confusing relationships on the show. Kelly was the girl next door and Zack was the high school hottie. Things got confusing when both Zack and Slater fell for her, but it was always Zack that was meant to be with her.


When they eventually got together, Zack messed up countless times, leading to an inevitable breakup, devastating fans. Thankfully, the only way to wrap up the popular 90s show was to have the two of them get married.

Steve and DJ

The saddest breakups are the ones that happen slowly and cracks get bigger and bigger. In Full House, Steve and DJ had that teenage romance that so many of us once knew. The infatuation between the two was evident at the beginning, but when delving deeper, DJ realized that the two of them actually had nothing in common.


While this didn’t come as a surprise, it was sad to see DJ fall out of love. In true sitcom style, Steve popped up again in the last episode, so their fate was left to the imagination of the viewers.

Tony and Carmela

In The Sopranos, it was pretty obvious from early on that Tony and Carmela has a really toxic relationship. Between the infidelity, lies and secrets, it was only a matter of time before Carmela snapped and called everything off.


Fans rooted for Carmela when she eventually kicked him out the house. However, with a split like this, the rest of the family were sadly affected. AJ became uncontrollably rebellious, and went to live with his father, leaving Carmela alone. In the last episodes we see Carmela joining Tony for a family dinner.

Eric and Donna

Almost every sitcom in the 90s had one solid couple that fans could be happy as they were stable. So when these couples have breakups, it causes quite the backlash.


In That 70s Show, Eric and Donna were the power couple up until season seven. As a result of his own life, Eric ended up having two breakups, ditching Donna and their friends, leaving Wisconsin. The two never got back together and Randy was brought in to replace Eric who was never seen again.

Aidan and Carrie

Before Mr. Big came along in Sex And The City, there was Aidan and Carrie. Aidan was really something special and Carrie fell head over heels for him. Aidan always knew he was going to marry Carrie and thought she was the only one.


Aidan proposed and Carrie said yes, but it all came crashing down when she realized she wasn’t over Big. In one of the truly sad breakups they ended it over Carrie’s inability to commit and Aidan’s mistrust. Carrie ended up kissing Aidan in Abu Dhabi while married to Big in the Sex And The City 2 movie.

Callie and Arizona

Grey’s Anatomy had fans tuning in week after week to cry their eyes out at each episode. The hospital drama was full of heartbreak and fans couldn’t believe it when Meredith and Derek broke up and when Christina and Preston had one of the biggest breakups.


However, when Callie and Arizona starting arguing over children and their careers, a split was bound to happen. The break up was particularly awful for Arizona who lost the love of her life as well as nearly losing her children in a bitter custody battle.

Darlene and David

The biggest romance in the sitcom Roseanna was between Darlene and David. Quickly, it was it obvious that the two were a really good fit for one another. To make things even more solid, David showed his sensitive side and was completely embraced by Darlene’s family, even moving in with them.


Their relationship was turbulent however and they split and got back together numerous times. In the series finale they ended up married with kids, but in a later reboot they split once and for all.

Dwayne and Whitley

In the first two seasons of A Different World, characters and storylines changed, meaning love interests did too. After Denise left the show, Dwayne needed a new romance so in came Whitley.


Whitley came across as snobby, out of touch and out of place. Despite clashing with Dwayne, they ended up falling for one another. They were planning to marry until Dwayne confessed he went for coffee with another woman. While they separated then, they ended up back together in the finale. 

Joey and Dawson

Joey was dealt a pretty hard set of cards in Dawson’s Creek. After having a rough breakup with Pacey, she was due for some strong, undying love, but this wasn’t the case. Joey and Dawson were childhood friends and their relationship blossomed into a romance.

Warner Bros.

Joey cancelled a year-long trip to Paris to stay with Dawson but things took a shocking turn when she ended up cheating on him. Needless to say, it got pretty bitter between the two of them.

Marshall and Lily

How I Met Your Mother mostly focused on the relationship between Robin and Ted, but fans knew their romance would never last as Robin was regularly called Aunt Robin. However, when Marshall and Lily had a mini break up in season one, it was truly devastating.

CBS Television Network/FOX

The image of Marshall standing in the rain clutching onto his wedding ring was a heartbreaking scene. Thankfully they reconciled six months later and they eventually got married, much to the delight of fans.

Buffy and Angel

Buffy and Angel were the favorite couple in hit show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Their worlds collided as Buffy was a vampire slayer and Angel was a vampire. Despite love overriding everything, there was too much going against the couple.

Warner Bros.

Angel was a cursed vampire who had remorse and a human soul, but when his curse was broken and he returned to being a normal vampire, Buffy had to do what she was destined to.

Alex and Ellen 

In Family Ties, Alex was absolutely infatuated by Ellen. The lovebirds met while studying at Leland University. And despite Alex constantly pining after different women, Ellen became the apple of his eye.


Viewers became obsessed with their relationship and were always eager to tune in and find out what direction it was heading in. Sadly, their relationship ended when Ellen got a scholarship to dance in Paris and followed her dream. Alex was crushed and so were the fans. 

Brenda and Dylan

Beverly Hills 90210 has its fair share of relationships with plenty of breakups and make ups between. Dylan and Brenda were the typical bad boy falls for good girl couple and fans fell in love with the opposite dynamic between them.


However, Dylan could never shake that bad boy image and cheated on Brenda with her best friend Kelly while she was studying abroad. Many of the episodes that followed focused on an absolutely inconsolable Brenda.

Penny and Leonard

In The Big Bang Theory, fans couldn’t get enough as they watched the cute girl Penny, fall in love with nerd Leonard. Despite their differences, their chemistry was there from the get-go. It took them a long time to do it, but they finally got together and made an adorable couple.

CBS Television Network

In true sitcom fashion, they broke up numerous times but always found their way back to one another. This was until they started dating other people and fans were devastated. However, the writers threw in a curveball in the final episodes and brought Penny and Leonard together with a marriage and baby.

Ross and Rachel

What is a devastating breakups list without Ross and Rachel? In Friends, Ross was always obsessed with Rachel from high school, but in later years, things got really complicated and there was always something preventing them from being together.


After a long time, they decided to give it a go and fans of the show were delighted, but then it all came crashing down and their breakup was truly heartbreaking. But they never stopped loving each other. All we know is that through all the complications, Rachel got off the plane for Ross and they eventually accepted their undying love. \

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