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How Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated Around The World




Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air. It’s a beautiful day, where lovers get a chance to celebrate their love in a number of ways. However, the way Valentine’s Day is celebrated in one country, is not the same way it is celebrated in other regions of the world. Here are ways that Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world:

South Korea


Valentine’s Day is quite an extended holiday in this part of the world. On the 14th of February, women go after the men they desire by giving them flowers, candies and chocolates. When it comes to the 14th of March, it then becomes the men’s turn to woo their princesses. The name is known as White Day and men give their lovers and sweethearts not only chocolates and flowers, but gifts too.



Valentine’s Day is a rather new celebration for the Danish. Celebrations were only introduced in the beginning of the ‘90s. They do things a little differently, and instead of exchanging pink and red roses, they give each other snowdrops, which are pressed white flowers. They also give each other cards.

South Africa


Valentine’s Day is quite traditional in South Africa. Cards are a very big tradition, with thousands of options to choose from each year – big and small, musical and colorful. Most couples will go out for dinner to a romantic restaurant (which they will have booked up to a month in advance), and will exchange romantic gifts like perfume or cologne, lingerie, clothes, and jewelry.



The Welsh do not celebrate their day of love on Valentine’s Day. Rather, they celebrate Saint Dwynwen (the Welsh patron saint of lovers) on the 25th of January. A big tradition is to give a love spoon. This tradition has been rampant since the 17th century. The men carve patterns and symbols into wooden spoons and give them to the women they love. The symbols may include horseshoes (good luck), wheels (support) or keys (the keys to a man’s heart).



Valentine’s Day is known as “La Festa Degli Innamorati” in Italy and takes place between lovers. The lovers attach padlocks or “lucchetti” to railings, as well as bridges, and they then throw away the key. Of course, flowers and chocolates are given, and the famous Italian chocolatier Perugina makes a special Baci chocolate with a shiny red wrapper on the outside and a gorgeous crimson sweet cherry liquid within. There is also a love note written within the shiny red foil wrapper.