The Future Is Here: Phones Will Soon Be Foldable

Foldable Phones: That’s the new chapter in mobile, according to Samsung.

In February 2019, the company unveiled the Galaxy Fold – a brand new phone that promises to leave an impression on phone users around the world.

“We didn’t just change the shape of the phone; we changed the shape of tomorrow,” the company says.

Looking at the short film, tech geeks can get a glimpse of the phone that promises to act as a conventional smartphone that can also open up into a screen-like device suitable for films and games.

#DoWhatYouCant. That’s the hashtag they think will bring this phone into the mainstream. Foldable phones have been highly anticipated ever since rumors began about plans to introduce them a few years ago.

Certainly in the US, there seems to be a monopoly on Apple OS versus Android. According to Statista, the reverse is actually true. For at least the last seven years, Android takes up 54% of the market versus Apple’s 45%. Third place is Microsoft with 0.8%.

It will be interesting to see how Apple chooses to challenge Samsung with this new device. We patiently await the Apple Flip.

There is no release date for the Galaxy Fold in the US right now.

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