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You probably have a Netflix account.

Today, the streaming service has almost 150 million paying subscribers – making it the largest paid video-streaming platform in the world.

However, Disney is expected to widely disrupt their winning streak this year with its competing service, Disney+. Set to launch at the end of 2019, the Mouse House has described their venture into streaming as their ‘number 1 priority’.

How will this affect Netflix? Well, for one, users can expect to see a LOT of content get removed from its platform soon. Disney owns a lot of properties, and we can imagine that they will be taking it with them to their own service.

This includes all your favorite Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox films, and TV shows. All ABC, ESPN content and the History Channel will also find homes on it. Disney also owns 20% of Vice Media, so expect to see some original content made for Disney+, to appeal to millennials, too.

Netflix has been preparing for this moment by investing millions of dollars into high-value productions. To date, Netflix’s original content has been well-recieved, but is it enough?

This video from The Verge outlines just what Netflix has to do to stay in the streaming game.

James Spiro is the Head Writer and Editor at Editor Choice. His passions include comic book movies, tech, politics, and Twitter.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Far out man

    March 24, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    I believe what will happen down the road is Netflix will merge with someone, CBS will merge with someone and so on, just to merge customers into one place a lot more easily.
    Rates will go up as mergers happen also, but it will still be cheaper than paying for each service.

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