The World’s Wealthiest Heirs Live Like Royalty

How much do you know about the world’s wealthiest heirs? Well, if you’re fortunate enough to be born into a rich or royal family, then the world is their playground. Some of the richest dynasties around the world stay rich by passing down the family fortune to younger generations and descendants.

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These folks know how to have a good time with their parents’ money – sometimes with disastrous consequences. We are about to explore some of the wealthiest heirs and heiresses to the biggest fortunes in the world. Are you ready?

Paris Hilton – $300 million

We’ve all heard of Paris Hilton and the fortune she will one day inherit. Born and raised in New York City, Paris is the heiress to the Hilton Hotel family business. The famous brand helped Hilton with her own business ventures. /

As well as appearing in reality TV shows, Paris also has a range of perfume lines. According to reports, her fragrances alone have made more than $3 billion. Seems like this family has brains and beauty!

Olivia Wilde – $20 million

We might know her as a Hollywood actress, but Olivia Wilde is also sitting on quite a pretty fortune! She is the heiress to a $20 million fortune that she will expect to inherit from Andrew Cockburn, her journalist father.

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Still, it doesn’t seem that Wilde’s life will change too much from this. She is already living a glamorous Hollywood life with her fiance, Jason Sudeikis. Together, the two of them star in some of the biggest films around the world.

Kate Hudson – $80 million

Here’s another secret heiress to a fortune amassing to tens of millions of dollars. Even though she is expected to inherit more than $80 million from her famous mother, Kate Hudson is busy making a name for herself as an acclaimed actress.

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Hudon has since been nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Almost Famous. The daughter of iconic actress Goldie Hawn is surely paving the way for a successful career for the next few years.

Dakota Johnson – $14 million

This 50 Shades actress is set to inherit quite a fortune from her parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she now lives in Los Angeles where she has successfully pursued her own career.

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One day, Johnson will inherit $14 million from her parents but doesn’t seem too phased by it. It looks as though she is already set to make her own millions through her work as a Hollywood actress.

Anderson Cooper – $110 million

Anderson Cooper is on our television screens each night as the lead anchor on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Even though he is considered media royalty, you might not know that he is actually part of one of America’s biggest dynasties.

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Cooper is related to the famous Vanderbilt family and is set to one day inherit hundreds of millions of dollars. His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt sadly passed away in June 2019 at the impressive age of 95.

Amanda Hearst – $100 million

This American socialite has spent most of her years modeling in New York City. Amanda Hearst is the heiress to the Hearst Corporation. The billion-dollar company runs media publishers like Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and 20% of ESPN.

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Today, Hearst works at Marie Claire as the associate marketing editor. It is her great-grandfather, William Randolph Hearst, who started the media empire. Outside of modeling, Amanda can sit back and relax knowing she has $100 million to her name!

Brooke Shields – $25 million

This actress and former child model can sit back and wait for her fortune to come to her wallet. Shields is the heiress of a fortune amassing to roughly $25 million. Her father, Frank Shields, was an American businessman and executive at Revlon.

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Sadly, Frank died in 2003 and left much of his fortune to his actress daughter. Even though she doesn’t need the money, Brooke still works in Hollywood and has appeared in works like Jane The Virgin, Law and Order, and Scream Queens.

Billie Lourd – $25 million

Billie Lourd is the daughter of Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. Fisher rose to international fame after appearing in Star Wars and remained a cultural icon until her death in 2016. Sadly, Lourd lost her grandmother a few days later.

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Today, Billie Lourd is the heiress to the $25 million fortune from her mother and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds. Currently, she is attending NYU and has appeared in American Horror Story. Did you spot her role in the newest Star Wars trilogy?

Jake Gyllenhaal – $65 million

Jake Gyllenhaal is the son of famous Hollywood director, Stephen Gyllenhaal. Despite having an easy entrance into the movie industry, he has proven time and time again that he has the talent to carry films.

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He rose to worldwide fame playing the titular character in Donnie Darko and earned praise for his performance in Brokeback Mountain. Gyllenhaal definitely doesn’t need to worry about a lack of money or talent! His sister is Maggie Gyllenhaal, who also acts in films and television.

Scarlett Johansson – $140 million

You might know her best as Black Widow in the Marvel superhero films, but did you know Scarlett Johansson is the heiress of a $140 million fortune? It turns out that she comes from a pretty successful family…

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One is a famous Danish architect and the other is a successful film producer. Putting these fortunes together and Scarlett can one day look forward to inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars. Who needs an Academy Award, right?

Lydia Hearst-Shaw – $100 Million

Lydia Hearst-Shaw is the great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, the publishing mogul. Weirdly, this makes her an heir from the second she was born.


Her mother is Patty Hearst, who grew famous in her own right during the 1970s when she was captured by the Symbionese Liberation Army, an American terrorist group. While it’s not apparent exactly how much cash Hearst-Shaw has acquired, it’s believed that she is worth around $100 million. Not bad at all!

Maureen O’Connor – $85 Million

Maureen O’Connor was a politician running for San Diego City Council when she met Robert O. Peterson. He was the founder of the Jack in the Box fast food chain and they fell madly in love. The couple dated and married in 1977.

O’Connor was successful in her career, but two years after she stepped down as mayor of San Diego in 1992, Robert sadly died. He had left his wife $50 million, the same as $85 million today.

Peter Brant II – $500 Million

Peter Brant II was born into a world of luxury due to his parents, the billionaire Peter Brant and supermodel Stephanie Seymour. His father is the CEO and chairman of White Birch Paper, a business co-founded by his father (Peter’s grandfather) in the 1940s.

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Whereas Peter is known as a socialite, he is expected to inherit a huge fortune – even though he is one of eight children. Peter’s father had five children with his first wife, Sandra Simms, and three with his next wife, Seymour.

John Hervey – $28 Million

John Hervey is the seventh Marquess of Bristol. He inherited $6 million on his 21st birthday 1975. In today’s money, that’s approximately $28 million – not bad! Hervey is the brother of Lady Isabella Hervey, and he lived a largely lavish lifestyle.

John Hervey

He made some strong investments in real estate and oil, but succumbed to a drug addiction from his parties. Often, his behavior would result in arrests and bankruptcy. He died of organ failure at 44.

Douglas Durst – $5.2 Billion

Douglas Durst is one of the world’s richest men due to his grandfather’s real estate firm. In 1915, he launched The Durst Organization and the portfolio increased over the years to an enormous value of $5.2 billion.

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Even though Durst has all of that revenue at his disposal, his personal worth is ‘only’ around $650 million. His children, Helena and Alexander, are both involved in the company and act as vice presidents. His brother, Robert Durst, was the subject of the docuseries The Jinx.

Eden Sassoon – $7.3 Million

Vidal Sassoon is still an influential name in the hair-care enterprise, but he sadly died in 2012. At the time of his death, the businessman was worth an estimated $200 million, but he left a modest $7.3 million to his wife and children.

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The specific amount that Eden inherited from Vidal Sassoon isn’t public, as it was divided between two of his children – Eden and Elan. Sadly, Eden’s sister, Catya, died of an overdose in 2001 and her brother, David, was entirely left out of the will!

Clarissa Dickson Wright – $29 Million

Clarissa Dickson Wright was pretty famous to UK audiences as one of the cookery pair The Two Fat Ladies. When her mother – a rich London lawyer – died in 1975, Wright received $3.7 million – which was the same as approximately $29 million in today’s money.

Teri Pengilley

Sadly, Wright’s father died only a few months later, which caused her to turn to alcohol to treat her depression. Her excessive spending habits determined that by 1980, the substantial fortune had been spent. Wright died in 2014 with a large unpaid tax bill.

Chloe Green – $4.9 Billion

Chloe Green is probably one of the world’s most famous heiresses, often appearing in British tabloids. Most recently, she made headlines for her relationship with model and ‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks. Her father, Philip Green, is the head of the Topshop fashion chain which is worth billions.

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Chloe is set to inherit an amazing $4.9 billion with her brother, Brandon. This is mainly because of their parents’ London-based company Taveta Investments. Her extravagant lifestyle doesn’t go ignored, with the 27-year-old often seen out on the London clubbing scene.

Barbara Hutton – $965 Million

Heiress Barbara Hutton of Woolworth was one of the wealthiest women to have ever lived. In 1933, she inherited $50 million at the age of 21 – the equivalent of $965 million! However, it didn’t make her any happier.

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Hutton spent her life trying to fill a void by displaying her money and spending her savings. She married a massive seven times, including one time to Hollywood actor Cary Grant, but none of the marriages would last. Ultimately, she would die in 1979 at 66 years old, close to bankruptcy.

Ronald Lauder – $3.8 Billion

Ronald Lauder is the youngest son of make-up and perfume mogul Estee Lauder. Lauder has kept an active role in the family business, working as chairman of Clinique Laboratories since 1994. He also sits on the board of directors, a position he has held for 40 years.

Outside his cosmetics business, Lauder is the president of the World Jewish Congress and an enthusiastic art collector. His total worth was last listed at $3.8 billion, mainly due to Estee Lauder’s success and lasting reputation.

Jared Kushner – $1.8 Billion

Jared Kushner might be best known for being the President’s son-in-law today, but he actually comes from one of America’s wealthiest families. His father, Charles, established Kushner Companies, a property development company that brings in $2.5 billion a year.

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It is expected that Kushner will inherit one-quarter of the family business, making him a billionaire on both sides of the family tree. He also obtained the New York Observer in 2006 but sold the magazine when he went to the White House.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers – $46 Billion

Bloomberg cites Francoise Bettencourt Meyers as the world’s richest woman. Her grandfather, Eugene Schueller, established cosmetics empire L’Oreal in 1907. He gave his entire estate to his daughter, Liliane. Eventually, Liliane died in 2017 and her daughter, Francoise, became incredibly rich.

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Francoise has decided to stay out of family matters and is instead using her $46 billion fortune to follow her passion as a writer. With a $43 Billion fortune, she doesn’t need to worry about the success of her first novel.

Petra Ecclestone – $3.5 Billion

Petra is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the former CEO of Formula One racing. The 88-year-old businessman is retired but still going strong. One day, Petra will inherit her father’s $3.5 billion fortune and share it with her sister, Tamara, and her mother, Slavica.

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Currently, Petra is ‘only’ worth $500 million and she spends most of her time raising her three children. Similar to other members of her family, she also puts efforts into raising money for charities supporting kids with autism.

Allegra Versace – $900 Million

Thankfully, Gianni Versace had made sure his affairs were all organized before he was assassinated on his doorstep in 1997. Strangely, he left half of his company to his nine-year-old niece, Allegra. Although her mother Donatella managed all the creative duties, Allegra would eventually inherit her fair share on her 18th birthday.

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According to official reports, the 32-year-old heiress plays an essential part in the family company, but it’s unclear precisely what that involves. It’s believed Versace is worth about $900 million due to the kindness of her uncle.

Jamie Laing – $10 Million

He might be famous for his appearance in Made In Chelsea, but it’s not his only claim to fame. The 30-year-old is descendent of Alexander Grant, the man who created the “Digestive” biscuit and eventually formed the McVitie’s brand.

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The company was sold in 2000, but Jamie and his two siblings are set to inherit a fortune that could stretch into the billions. He’s also earned his own fortune, founding the sweets company Candy Kittens in 2012.

Paige Laurie – $5.5 Billion

Paige Laurie is the granddaughter of Bud Walton, the founder of Walmart. Walton had created the superstore chain with his brother, Sam, eventually leaving it to his daughter-in-law Nancy Walton Laurie. Her stake in the company is worth around $5.5 billion today!

wealthiest heirs
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Paige has been careful with the money she already has, apparently earning almost $1 million a month from thoughtful stocks and dividends. When her mom dies, the heiress is expected to come into around $5.5 billion.

Jennifer Gates – $81.7 Billion

For many years, Bill Gates was the richest man on the planet. His current fortune is in the tens of billions, which is expected to go to his children – Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe.

wealthiest heirs
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The family has been known to stay out of the public eye. Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 and has amassed a huge fortune that he enjoys with his wife, Melinda. Together, they have signed The Giving Pledge – vowing to give away 50% of their fortune throughout their lives.

Ariana Rockefeller – $3.3 Billion

Ariana Rockefeller is the granddaughter of David Rockefeller – former CEO of the Chase Manhattan Corporation. He is also the patriarch to one of America’s richest families. At the time of his death, he left a fortune of $3.3 billion to his family.

wealthiest heirs

As long as Ariana’s father plays it right, then his daughter is expected to inherit a similar amount, albeit split between her sister, Camilla. The 33-year-old isn’t just relying on her inheritance – she is building her own career as a fashion designer and business entrepreneur.

Paris Latsis – $7.5 Billion

Paris Latsis is the grandson of Yiannis “John S.” Latsis, and the heir to a Greek shipping company. Today, the fortune he is set to inherit is supposed to be the 101st largest fortune on Earth!

wealthiest heirs
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The Latsis family would go on to become involved in banking, oil refinery, and real estate. Their fortune is valued at $7.5 billion, making them No. 54 on the Forbes world’s richest people list. He rose to fame briefly after getting engaged to Paris Hilton for a while.

Aerin Lauder – $1.63 Billion

Aerin Lauder is in business for her own ventures but is also the heiress to billions of more dollars. She is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder and Joseph Lauder – the co-founders of the Estee Lauder Companies, the famouscosmetics brand.

wealthiest heirs
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After working for the organization in college, Aerin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and worked up to become the style and image director for Estee Lauder Companies. As well as Estee Lauder, she has her own line of products called AERIN and owns 16 million shares in her family’s business.

Athina Onassis – Estimated $1 Billion

Athina Onassis is the only heiress of the Greek shipping company Aristotle Onassis. She is the daughter of Christina Onassis, who herself inherited 55% of her father’s fortune after he passed away. When Athena was just seven years old, the New York Times named her as one of the year’s newest billionaires.

wealthiest heirs
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For the most part, her wealth is unknown to the public. However, it is thought to be at around $1 billion – considering all of the other companies her family is involved in.

Tamara Ecclestone – $300 Million

Here’s another member of the Ecclestone family! Tamara is the older sister of Petra Ecclestone and also the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone. It was Bernie who is often credited for being responsible for transforming Formula One racing into a ‘real’ sport.

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Her father has been the CEO for four decades and, according to Forbes, has a fortune around $3.5 billion. Tamara is a famous socialite and model and has even starred in her own reality television show – Tamara’s World. Since giving birth to her daughter Sofia in March 2014, Tamara has been out of the public eye.

Tiffany Trump – $10 Million

Of course, it’s well documented that her father (and US President) Donald Trump has an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion. It’s understandable that Tiffany Trump, his fourth child and second daughter, will likely see a portion of that in her lifetime.

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Although the specific amount she is supposed to inherit is unknown, from an episode of the Howard Stern Show, it was announced that she was included in the estate planning process. As far as we know, she is not as involved in the Trump Organization as her older siblings.

Balthazar Getty – $200 Million

Balthazar Getty is the great-grandchild of the oil tycoon John Paul Getty. His father was John Paul Getty II, who was notably kidnapped for a high ransom. His story was retold in the 2017 film All the Money in the World starring Christopher Plummer.

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Despite relying on his large inheritance, Getty doesn’t just sit back and let the money in the world come to him. He has a successful acting career, appearing in the show Brothers & Sisters.

Siddarth Mallya – $800 Million

Siddarth Mallya is the son of Vijay Mallya – India’s 73rd richest man. Today, he has an estimated net worth of over $800 million. At the age of just 26, Siddarth became the director of the Indian Premier League team Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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On top of this, he has also been identified as the future head of the United Breweries Group by his father. Outside of the family business, he has ventured into acting and has dated numerous Bollywood actresses.

Vanisha Mittal – $ 16.5 Billion

Vanisha Mittal is the daughter of the Indian steel financier Lakshmi Mittal. He is No. 41 on the list of the world’s richest people and the second-richest man in India. His net worth is a massive $16.5 billion.

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At 33 years old, Vanisha graduated business school from the University of London and is acknowledged for her charity work, such as enhancing the quality of life for poverty-stricken areas of India. During her wedding in 2004, her father spent a recorded $60 million to prove his wealth.

Andrew And Dylan Lauren – $7.7 Billion

As you might guess from their last name, Andrew and Dylan Lauren are the children of Ralph Lauren – the fashion icon. Lauren himself is No. 166 on Forbes’ billionaire’s list and has a total worth of $7.7 billion from his empire. While his kids could have just sat back and waited for their hefty inheritance, Andrew and Dylan both chose to pursue their own careers.

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Andrew graduated from Brown University and is working in Hollywood as a movie producer, while Dylan graduated from Duke and was an event planner in the Willy-Wonka Candy Company.

The Courtin-Clarin Cousins – $2.2 Billion

These Courtin-Clarins cousins are the granddaughters of cosmetics mogul Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The sons of Oliver, Jacques, and Christian are the fathers of these girls. Together, they have a total net worth of around $2.2 billion.

wealthiest heirs
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The girls are heiresses to the French makeup brand Clarins. It is expected to be worth $3.8 billion and perhaps even more after the organization was made public. All four girls hold shares and act as brand ambassadors for the company. Today, they help attract an online audience by doing makeup tutorials.

Marta Ortega-Perez – $57 Billion

Marta has a very rich father: Amancio Ortega, the owner of Zara. He has a net worth of around $7 billion, making him rest comfortably on the No. 3 spot on Forbes billionaire list. Amancio started the fashion firm Inditex, which is the owner of the Zara chain and other stores.

wealthiest heirs
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It is expected that Marta will take over from the family business once her father retires. She is sitting on a massive $57 billion fortune.

Barron Nicholas Hilton II – $2.5 Billion

Barron is Paris Hilton’s brother, making him one of the heirs to the Hilton empire started by his great-grandfather. Conrad Hilton founded Hilton Hotels and his grandfather is currently worth $2.5 billion.

wealthiest heirs
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Barron will likely split his inheritance with his sisters, Paris and Nicky. Still, the model will need to make sure he behaves himself if he hopes to get any of it.

Carlos Slim Domit – $73 Billion

Forbes, claims that Carlos Slim Domit’s father, Carlos Slim, is the richest man in the world. This is due to his work in Mexican telecommunications and around the world. Carlos earned a degree at Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Grupo Carso ever since 1998.

wealthiest heirs

Domit is known for his passion for driving and is currently married to a woman named Maria Elena Torruco. It looks like things are looking pretty swell for the son of the world’s richest man.

Isaac And Otis Ferry – $48 Million

These guys are the two children of Bryan Ferry – the former rock and roll star. One day, they will inherit a somewhat modest $48 million, which is peanuts compared to some of these other folks!

wealthiest heirs
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The two are spending their days dating supermodels and partying in London, UK, as a music producer and DJ. Not a bad lifestyle for these two!

Josie Ho – $2 Billion

Josie’s father, Stanley Ho, is a famous casino operator with a fortune estimated to be over $2 billion. However, Josie did not go into the family business and took her own gamble: she is now a singer and actress in Hong Kong.

wealthiest heirs
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Since starting her career in the ’90s, she has appeared in 45 different roles as well as an impressive singing career. She is thought of as different from other starlets in the business as she likes to play strong, independent women in her movies.

Caroline Jones – $3.7 Billion

Caroline Jones is the child of Paul Tudor Jones II, the hedge fund manager. He is estimated to have a net worth of $3.7 billion. However, Caroline has decided to also follow a career in music and is a proficient singer and songwriter.

wealthiest heirs
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She isn’t being represented on the radio yet, but she has been publishing music to the public and it has been fairly well-received. She’s even had the chance to perform with Paul Simon, Tommy Mottola, and Dave Matthews.

Delphine Arnault: $4 Billion

Delphine Arnault’s is the daughter of Bernard Arnault, thought to be one of the richest people in the world. His net worth is estimated to sit around $25 billion. Even though her inheritance might not include all $25 billion, she is supposed to receive $4 billion which isn’t anything to cry about.

wealthiest heirs
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She also likes working for her money and is a businesswoman, heading the LVMH group. She manages a company that works with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Dior, and more.

Maria And Yekaterina Putina – $200 Billion

Although his total worth hasn’t officially been announced, it is understood that Vladimir Putin’s assets come to around $200 billion. Amazingly, that’s more than Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates put together.

wealthiest heirs

Nobody is exactly certain how he achieved this much wealth, it can be assured that his daughters will be seeing a fair share of that money once he dies. However, the Russian president keeps his family life very secret, so not much is known about their economic circumstances.

Sofia Abramovich – $11.84 Billion

Sofia Abramovich’s father is the famous Roman Abramovich, who is a businessman, investor, politician, and owns Chelsea Football Club. Roman has a net worth of $11.85 billion making him the richest person in Israel – where he currently lives.

wealthiest heirs
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Originally from Russia, he is also counted as the 11th richest person there. Even without her massive inheritance, Sofia is considered to be worth over $1 billion, which makes her Britain’s richest teenager. She currently lives in the UK in an estate in Sussex.

Hugh Grosvenor – $13 Billion

Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, also known as the 7th Duke of Westminster, is currently the world’s wealthiest person under 30. As the son of Natalia Grosvenor and Gerald Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster, Hugh acquired his Duke of Westminster title after his father’s death.

wealthiest heirs
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He also inherited an impressive $13 billion, as well as large trust funds for his sister. He currently fulfills the duty of a Duke of Westminster without worrying about money.

Sam Branson – $4.9 Billion

Richard Branson has accumulated over $4.9 billion in his career due to his entrepreneurial exploits in Virgin. The founder of Virgin has two children, Sam and Holly, and expect to inherit his fortune. Branson has been notably savvy about his business dealings, running his empire in a complex series of offshore trusts and corporations.

wealthiest heirs
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Today, he is a self-confessed “tax exile,” and even sacrificed his British citizenship to save himself millions in taxes. Both 33-year-old Sam and 37-year-old Holly are active in their father’s business empire.

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