You Wouldn’t Be Mad If These Celebrities Crashed Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a stressful and meticulous process. Creating table plans and compiling guest lists can often turn into arguments with disagreements over who gets invited.


Therefore, when wedding crashers turn up to nuptials, it can cause plenty of bother in trying to get them out. But what do you do when A-list celebrities decide to crash the wedding and congratulate the couple? Well, these newlyweds had quite the funny reaction reaction when the uninvited celebrity showed face.

Beyonce and Jay Z crash an Italian wedding

Getting near to the royal couple of hip hop is not something many people can say they have achieved. However in 2014, Beyonce and Jay Z were vacationing in Portofino for her birthday and noticed a wedding taking place when walking past a quaint church. CIAO/AKM-GSI

The couple couldn’t help themselves but go in. The bride, Sara Carafa told E! “I only asked them if they would take a photo with me…Jay-Z told me ‘No, we are on vacation’…Bey was super nice! She told me ‘Suuuureee! Come here!’ And she gave me a hug!”

Snoop Dogg crashes the Hard Rock

Instead of this couple being a fan of Snoop Dogg, it was their photographer who couldn’t pass on the unexpected meeting. In 2014, Snoop was stepping out of his limo at Chicago’s Hard Rock Cafe, the same location of the wedding.


The photographer convinced the rapper and his entourage to come and hang out with the newlyweds. The mother of the groom explained “They had a great conversation and a ton of laughs inside the bar, Snoop was a blast to be around.”

Bradley Cooper photo bombs his fellow alumni

An alumni couple from Georgetown University were taking pictures around campus for their wedding album when Bradley Cooper stumbled upon their photoshoot. The actor was casually walking around the grounds of his alma mater and couldn’t resist jumping into a snap with the couple.

Lisa Boggs/Instagram

Their wedding photographer wrote in his Instagram post “Their friend, Bradley Cooper, was visiting Georgetown and made sure to congratulate the newlyweds as they walked around campus.” By the looks of the photos, they look delighted that the actor decided to join them.

Taylor Swift belts out her songs

Celebrity performances at weddings can cost millions of dollars, but when a groom’s sister got in contact with Taylor Swift and explained what huge fans the newlyweds were, the singer couldn’t help but swing by for a song.

Erica Snyder

The DJ at the wedding told Billboard that he wasn’t aware of anything happening until an hour before. Swift came and serenaded the couple with a rendition of Blank Space. The bride and groom were absolutely shocked at the surprise but loved every minute of the impromptu performance.

Justin Bieber gives a speech

In 2011, a 17-year-old Justin Bieber was strolling along the beach in Malibu with then girlfriend Selena Gomez, when they heard his hit song One Less Lonely Girl being blasted from a wedding party.


When Bieber crashed the party, the bride admitted “I was actually wiping cake off my face.” In true Bieber fashion, he had to make a small speech and mingle with guests. Bieber took to his Youtube channel to explain what happened, saying “We heard a party so we decided to just come, so let’s party.”

Tom Hanks photo bombs on his run

Other than being a favorite actor, Tom Hanks is known for being a genuine and likeable person. So it wasn’t a surprise when a newlywed couple were taking photos in Central Park and the actor couldn’t help but photobomb them.

After introducing himself and shocking the couple, Tom offered to officiate the ceremony for them. This wasn’t Tom’s first wedding crashing experience and a few years prior he escorted a bride to the church in Italy while he was filming Angels & Demons.

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad perform for newlyweds

When Josh Gad and Kevin Hart starred in The Wedding Ringer together, they decided to gain some inspiration for the film by crashing a wedding that was being held next door to the Hollywood movie set.


In true comedic style, the funny actors didn’t just congratulate the bride and groom, they grabbed the mic, gave an improvised speech before bursting into song and dance. It’s safe to say the newlyweds would never have forgotten this on their special day.

Bon Jovi gets up on stage

It is always a lot of pressure to be a wedding singer when you’re belting out the hits by artists in attendance. In 2016, Jon Bon Jovi was attending a friend’s wedding, the wedding singer found out he was going to be there so prepared his smash hit, Livin On A Prayer.

YouTube/Lourdes Valentin

When the wedding singer Lourdes Valentin started to sing the song, she managed to get Bon Jovi on stage with her. Despite playing to millions in his career, Bon Jovi looked quite embarrassed and shy to be on stage singing.

The Beach Boys bring the wedding party to them

Mark Kent and Jaime Diadium had planned their wedding in Cleveland down to every last detail, but what wasn’t mentioned to them was that The Beach Boys concert was taking place next door their wedding venue. When the band heard about the awkward mishap, they wanted to do something to make it up, so invited the entire wedding party to the concert.


Mike Love said of the incident “It couldn’t have been more perfect, we felt a little awkward about making a little noise during their wedding, so we invited their whole wedding party to the concert.”

Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow get down and jig

Of all people to have a wedding after party with, Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer are guaranteed to bring the entertainment. The actress and director had been shooting scenes in Ireland when they went to the pub for a traditional Guinness to unwind.

They came across some newlyweds who were having their wedding reception afterparty in the same pub. Judd and Amy couldn’t wait to join in and have a sing-a-long.

Macklemore’s mom convinced him to wedding crash

In May 2016, Macklemore heard his song Thrift Shop blaring downstairs in the Washington D.C hotel he was staying in. It turned out a wedding party was in full swing and after speaking to his mom, the singer was convinced to go downstairs and go join the party for a song or two.


He ended up documenting the whole experience on Snapchat with the hilarious caption “When your mom tells you to crash a wedding”.

Ed Sheeran gives a special performance

When Sydney based radio show Kyle & Jackie O found out that a couple had to postpone their wedding due to financial issues, they decided to step in and fund the whole nuptials. However, instead of it being a normal wedding, they wanted to make it extra special, so brought in Ed Sheeran to serenade the couple with Thinking Out Loud for their first dance.

KIIS 1065

After Ed delighted and shocked the couple, he posted on Instagram, writing “Available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvah’s, contact your local super market for details.”

Serena Williams rocks leopard in wedding pictures

People always worry about being over or underdressed so imagine how Serena Williams felt when she took pictures with some newlyweds in a leopard bathing suit! Ruth and Sam Kormoi’s wedding! Ruth and Sam Kormoi’s wedding was taking place on Miami Beach when one of their friends spotted the tennis player hanging out on the beach.

New York Daily News

After one of their friends asked her to take pictures with the couple, Ruth recalled “She said congratulations, and she gave me a hug – that was the first thing she did.”

Maroon 5 made a video out of wedding crashing

It’s frowned upon to crash one wedding let alone several! Maroon 5 came up with the idea to crash several weddings around Los Angeles for their music video for single Sugar.


All of the reactions were seen in their video when the curtains dropped and the wedding party saw the band standing on stage. While it was claimed some of the wedding crashings were staged, others were said to have been real.

Conan O’Brien takes a bridesmaid to the wedding

One of Wes and Torre Hoffman’s bridesmaids found out that Conan O’Brien was staying in the Four Seasons in Atlanta, the same location as the wedding and couldn’t contain herself in inviting him. The bridesmaid tweeted the talk show host and everyone was shocked when he actually turned up.


The groom, Wes, explained “He just gracefully walked in, and I walked over and met him and introduced myself. We joked around for a bit, and he showed me how to do his string dance that he does.” Conan ended up staying around an hour.

John Travolta gets wedding fever

When John Travolta was renewing his pilot’s license in 2013, he came across a groom who told him about his upcoming nuptials the following day.


Travolta ended up taking him up on the offer and came to the wedding wearing a baseball cap and a black t-shirt. However, John Travolta wasn’t new to the wedding crashing game and he turned up at a wedding with Robin Williams in 1977.

Brad Pitt broke up his meetings with a wedding

Actors have repeatedly said how tedious long days of press junkets can be for their upcoming movies. When Brad Pitt was in Berkshire, England to promote his new movie Fury, he has been in press interviews in the hotel all day and needed some time for himself.


A wedding was taking place at the same time and a bride and groom rushed over to the hotel to meet the famous actor who was enjoying a much needed drink.

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry enjoy a rehearsal

It’s not everyday that you get some very famous bystanders overwatching your wedding rehearsal. In 2013, a couple were preparing for their wedding at a ranch in Montecito, California when guests noticed Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson hanging out, minding their own business.


When it came to acting having the rehearsal, the pop star and actor stood closer to the action and watched it all happen while the other guests stood around shocked.

Lebron James caused quite the commotion at a wedding

Jamie Kolnick and new husband Shaun were getting married in a Coconut Grove hotel when they heard whispers of Lebron James being interviewed in the same location.

Cengiz Ozelsel of Adagion Studio

Instead of being excited for the wedding, the couple couldn’t contain their excitement when the Miami Heat’s new addition made an appearance.The couple couldn’t resist taking a photo with the basketball start, even posting a picture before they had walked down the aisle!

Justin Timberlake took center stage in wedding photos

Chelsey Gaudet and her groom were just about to get into the swing of things at their wedding reception when they spotted Justin Timberlake eating lunch in the same venue.

Little Fang Photography

While the couple were taking pictures they approached the popstar and asked him to be in one of their photos. While Timberlake obliged, he felt a little awkward disturbing a wedding party but the couple were so happy they bumped into him.

Jennifer Hudson serenaded a couple

Jennifer Hudson had been a strong advocate of the TURN IT UP FOR CHANGE campaign which supported same sex marriage. So while on her mission, she heard that a couple in a nearby hotel were celebrating their marriage and she couldn’t resist stopping by to give the couple a wedding present to remember.

Shannon Faulk/AP Images for W Hotels

Jennifer caused quite the commotion as she turned up and brought the house down with a beautiful rendition of “I Still Love You”.

Gary Barlow became the wedding singer

Gary Barlow is a part of Take That, one of the biggest boy bands to come out of the U.K. Barlow had promised that he would sing at the weddings of three fans, and Natalie Purkis was one of them.

TC Photography/Manchester Evening News

She explained that she heard his song start playing and turned around to see Barlow singing on the microphone. They has a blast and Gary thoroughly enjoyed the experience, leading him to sing at more than three!

Bill Murray is a notorious wedding event crasher

Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers were posing for their engagement photos around Charleston, S.C, when they had a photobomber in the form of Bill Murray. The legendary actor just came along and stood in the middle of their heartfelt engagement shoot.


Murray also took it upon himself to crash the bachelor party of none other than rapper, Kanye West. Bill Murray has been getting a lot more random wedding invites since these events went viral!

Chris Hemsworth took pictures with an oblivious bride

Chris Hemsworth is one of the biggest actors in the world at the moment, taking on huge roles as Thor and in the reprised Men In Black movie. Nonetheless, when the actor took pictures with some newlyweds at Byron Bay in Australia, the bride had absolutely no idea who he was!

Media Mode

The bride explained “I was wondering, ‘Why we were getting a photo with a random person?’ I was saying, ‘Who is this person?'”

Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel stumbled upon a Game Of Thrones-themed wedding

When it comes to romantic and dreamy weddings, Game of Thrones doesn’t exactly fit that bill. A couple were such huge fans that they decided to make the HBO show the theme of their wedding.


Well, it turned out that the shows actresses Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel were staying in that hotel. When they stumbled upon the wedding without knowing about it, they quickly fled after fearing they would be absolutely mobbed by the fans there.

Adam Sandler photobombed wedding pictures

Adam Sandler is known for being one of the funniest actors in the industry, so it’s no surprise that when he stumbled upon a wedding, he just had to get involved.

Sana Belgot from Mlle Sana Photography

When Kevin Goldstein’s bride spotted the actor walking passed, she yelled his name, saying the actor “came over and wished us well, he was just chatting to us.” They ended up giving him an invitation to the wedding but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.

Meryl Streep crashed a wedding dressed as Margaret Thatcher

As far as celebrity wedding crashers go, nothing could be more bizarre than having Meryl Streep watch you walk down the aisle while dressed as Margaret Thatcher.


Streep was filming biopic “The Iron Lady” in 2012 when she dropped into a town hall in Manchester to see a wedding taking place. Along with other cast members, Meryl applauded as the bride walked down the aisle. Guests really didn’t know what to think.

Usain Bolt was chased by some newlyweds

As the fastest man in the world, it is quite hard to catch up with Usain Bolt but this couple managed to do it. Usain was walking in a square in Paris when a couple were about to begin their wedding proceedings but stopped everything to get a picture with the athlete.

Instagram Usain Bolt

Usain loved that they stopped him and uploaded a picture to his Instagram with the caption “Only in Paris you walking in the square and the bride and groom run to leave the proceedings to take a picture.”

Russell Brand ditched his bachelor party to crash a wedding

Back when Russell Brand and Katy Perry got married in India, Russell had other ideas for his bachelor party. Russell walked into the reception and started dancing, much to the dismay of the groom. A source said “The groom wasn’t very happy about the fact that the spotlight had

The Sun

been taken away from him and his new bride.” They even changed the music to Indian tunes to try and stop him, but he just kept going.

Steven Tyler crashed a wedding in his hotel

Steven Tyler was staying in the Four Seasons hotel in Washington D.C. and heard a wedding reception was taking place. The rockstar took it upon himself to stroll into the wedding where the photographer spotted him and asked him to pose with the newlyweds for a few shots.


The groom, Jeffrey didn’t mind that he came and said “He must have posed for 15 different pictures. He could not have been more gracious.”

Clint Eastwood wanted to get a glimpse

Actor and director, Clint Eastwood owned a restaurant by a California ranch and went to go check on it one night when he saw a wedding taking place next door. He stood at the door alone and just quietly watched people dancing.


A source added “As he was leaving a few guests spotted him and followed him outside. He was clearly eager to leave but spent about five minutes chatting to them and taking pictures before he jumped in his truck.”

Lady Gaga was so excited for a beautiful couple

Lady Gaga was visiting the late John Lennon’s Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park when she unexpectedly stumbled across the bride and groom as they posed for some wedding photos.


Gaga couldn’t help herself and embraced them and told them how beautiful they were and if they wanted photos. Gaga spoke some Japanese to the couple and then sweetly turned to the newlyweds and said “All you need is love, right?”

Bono gave the bride a kiss

Sinead O’Sullivan and David O’Connor were posing for their wedding photos in Dalkey, South Ireland, when none other than U2’s Bono strolled past. He couldn’t help but get in on the photos and even bent down to kiss the bride’s hand.

Carol Ryan Wedding Photography

The wedding was on Christmas Day and Bono was just walking off his Christmas dinner when he made the couple’s wedding day that much more special. The new couple praised the singer for how much of a gentleman he was.

Celine Dion serenaded a couple after crashing their wedding

Celine Dion sells out arenas in Vegas night after night, but this couple got a private performance from the icon, for free. The couple were featured on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and the talk show host thought it would be a great idea to surprise them with Celine Dion.

ABC/The Jimmy Kimmel Show

After Jimmy asked the couple if they hired a wedding singer, out came Celine belting out her most famous songs. They were truly shocked and surprised by the whole thing.

Gerard Butler crashed a bachelorette party

Bride-to-be Maja Nogic was celebrating with her best friends and bridesmaids in Sydney Harbour when a famous face popped up to say hello. Gerard Butler was in Sydney doing a press tour and had some much needed off-time before going back to work.

Dragana Ogorelica

When the group spotted him and freaked out, he shouted “Is this a hen’s party? Can I join? We’re going to dance a little bit, drink a little bit.” He reportedly told his management he was going to party with them before resuming the rest of his day.

Jason Derulo sang for newlyweds for their first dance

Jason Derulo has been known to crash a few weddings to sing some of his romantic tunes to unsuspecting couples. The singer wanted to promote his new album so decided to do it in the best way possible and sing it for couples on their wedding day.

Jason Derulo Youtube

When this oblivious couple walked into their reception for their first dance, they were greeted by Derulo singing his hit “Marry Me.”Appropriate song choice, Jason!

Andrea Bocelli gave a performance to remember

A bride and groom were stunned when they walked into their wedding to find Andrea Bocelli giving a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria at their ceremony.


The tenor was on holiday with his family in an Italin resort, closeby to the couples wedding venue, the 13th century church of San Pietro in Porto Venere. Bocelli sang the couple in and then made a quiet exit after giving the couple the most precious gift.

Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t turn down a party

Queen Elizabeth II was on official duties at Manchester Town Hall, scheduled for the same day as John and Frances Canning’s wedding. In a lighthearted letter, John wrote to Buckingham Palace and invited the Queen to join in their nuptials.


Although the palace politely turned down their invite, on the day of the wedding the bride and groom were ushered into another room where they met the Queen and she gave them her best wishes. Talk about a royal wedding!

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