6 Degrees – Julia Roberts & Justin Bieber

Welcome back to our 6 Degrees column, where we discuss the connections between celebrities by 6 degrees, (a theory made famous in popular culture by Kevin Bacon). Unsure what 6 Degrees are? Visit our original column to learn more about it!

Last week, we discussed Gwen Stefani’s and Jared Leto’s “6 Degree” connection, and revealed the fact that they are connected through only 2 degrees.  

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The next pair of celebrities we are looking at is Oscar-winning A-lister Julia Roberts and pop megastar Justin Bieber. 

Julia Roberts & Justin Bieber

Julia Roberts has been acting since she was 20 years old. Almost every movie she has starred in has garnered major attention in Hollywood and around the world. After Pretty Woman came out in 1990, she was cast in major leading roles. This eventually led to her getting the main role of Erin Brockovich in the movie of the same name, which won her the Oscar. Julia has been America’s sweetheart forever, and is one of the most popular actresses to have ever graced the big screen. She will always be Hollywood’s Golden Girl

Justin Bieber took the world by storm with his major hit “Baby,” when he was only 16 years old. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard chart, making him the youngest artist to do so since Stevie Wonder. He caused a major sensation with teenage girls all over the world, including Billie Eilish,  who went crazy for him. Since then, he has created some of the world’s biggest pop hits including 2015’s “Sorry” and “Love Yourself.” His latest hit is “Yummy” off his fifth album Changes. He is one of the biggest music artists in the world right now.

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So, how are these two megastars connected? Well, besides the fact that they are both at the top of their game, Julia Roberts was in Steel Magnolias with Dylan McDermott, who starred in Behaving Badly with Justin Bieber . This makes their connection only 2 degrees apart. Also, Julia Roberts was in August: Osage County with Benedict Cumberbatch, who was in Zoolander 2 with Justin Bieber.

Up next week on “6 Degrees”….You’ll never guess what the connection is between Meryl Streep and Adriana Lima!

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