6 Degrees – Scarlett Johannson & Naomi Campbell

Welcome back to our 6 Degrees column, where we discuss the connections between celebrities by 6 degrees, (a theory made famous in popular culture by Kevin Bacon). Unsure what 6 Degrees are? Visit our original column to learn more about it!

Last week, we discussed Celine Dion’s and Madonna’s “6 Degree” connection, and revealed the fact that they are connected through only 2 degrees.  

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The next pair of celebrities we are looking at are all-American A-list actress Scarlett Johannson and British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Scarlett Johannson & Naomi Campbell

Scarlett Johannson is an American-born actress and has been acting since the age of 10. She has appeared in at least 53 movies, and is currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood. The world first took notice of her when she starred opposite Bill Murray at the age of 19 in Sofia Coppola’s brilliant Lost In Translation (2003). She took home a BAFTA Award for that performance and hasn’t stopped acting in the biggest blockbusters since. She was recently nominated for an Academy Award for her stunning performance in Netflix’s Marriage Story

Naomi Campbell is a British supermodel who rose to fame as the most famous black model of all time, having taken part in hundreds of fashion shows, being nicknamed the “Catwalk Queen” for her perfect runway walk. She has also been on the cover of more than 500 magazines and has been photographed by the best in the business. 

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So, how are these two lovely ladies connected? Well, Scarlett Johannson was in the movie Her with Kristen Wiig who was in the movie Zoolander 2 with Naomi Campbell making them 2 degrees or connections apart. Also, Scarlett was in the movie If Lucy Fell at the age of 12 with Elle Macpherson, who starred in Alice with Mia Farrow, who starred in Miami Rhapsody with Naomi Campbell making that connection 3 degrees apart.

Up next week on “6 Degrees”….You’ll never guess what the connection is between Gwen Stefani and Jared Leto!

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