Baristas Reveal The Right Way To Order Your Coffee


From 5am until 10am, baritas around the world work tirelessly to provide everyone’s caffeine fix. Each person likes a different type of coffee, prepared in a certain way and this can get quite complicated for employees who want to keep on top of the coffee line.

Of course, the barista wants to keep you satisfied as they skillfully create your morning brew, but there are a couple of requests that can become increasingly irritating over time. Here is what the coffee experts had to say about the annoying requests that leaves them rolling their eyes.

Extra hot takes away the quality and taste

Some people like their coffee piping hot in the morning, and while there is a general level of heat that is given, customers will request for that extra dose of burn. Master barista Giorgio Milos told that certain types of coffee should stay at the given temperature, explaining “steaming the milk over 155 to 160 degrees will burn it, which compromises the overall taste.” The overheated milk can then reduce the taste of the beans so it’s better to order an espresso or Americano that is extra hot.

Don’t complain about price

Many baristas often hear complaints about their $4.00 cup of coffee, which can get increasingly frustrating for independent coffee shop owners who are trying to survive with the abundance of coffee companies popping up. Most of the time, the coffee is cheaper in grocery stores as the quality or production costs are lower and independent coffee shops have higher outgoings on their beans due to smaller shipments. Everyone is just trying to make a living and make great coffee.

Customize your drink, but lose the attitude

Of course, everyone likes their drink made a certain way but a long list of requirements can slow down your barista. While this is totally fine and they are happy to make a drink the way you want it, don’t complain if there is a dot of foam if you asked for no foam. Obviously, big mistakes are accepted, but during the morning coffee rush, some slip ups should be taken lightly and patience will get you a long way.

Espressos aren’t always the fastest

There is a general misconception that espresso based drinks should be ready immediately but this just isn’t the case. Baristas likened it to a great cocktail and said that even these drinks need time to be perfected. Either ask for a drink that is quick to prepare, or flick through a newspaper or read your emails to pass the few minutes for your drink to be ready.

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