The 3 Most Classic Superheroes

In the past 20 years, we have seen a surge in superhero movies. There’s something really fascinating about men, or aliens, from another planet that can do miraculous and superhuman things, and ultimately, save the day. 

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There have been, however, three superheroes whose stories keep getting renewed, as they are favorites with the fans. These three have stories that keep getting more complex and whose characters often develop over time. These are the three:


The first Superman hit theaters around the world in December 1978. It starred the dashing Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Marlon Brando, as Superman’s real father. It did exceptionally well in the box office, and there were four sequels after that starring the wonderful Christopher Reeve. 

Superman is from another planet and is the strongest “human” on Earth. He has x-ray vision, can fly, and is faster than a “speeding bullet.” The only thing that can weaken him is Kryptonite, a green crystal from his planet, Krypton. Lex Luthor is Superman’s nemesis who, somehow, often gets his hands on Kryptonite to hurt and weaken Superman, but Superman always finds a way out of his struggle. 

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The first Superman will always be locked into our hearts and minds, as we watched Clark Kent clumsily act shyly, as a newspaper journalist, only to quickly change into his Superman gear and confidently save the day. The scene with Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, is exceptionally romantic as he lifts her up into the sky with him and they start to fly together. 

The story of Superman progressed over the years, using actors Brandon Routh and finally the stunning Henry Cavill in the final Superman movie: Man of Steel. We then saw Superman along other superheroes in the Justice League 1 and 2 movies. We all wish Superman was real, so that he could fight all the world’s biggest problems and save the day!  


Batman is another fan favorite which has a number of movies to its name. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne. He comes from a family of immense wealth, and when he was a little boy, his parents were murdered in front of him, by a robber who stole their money, and his mother’s jewels. Bruce was highly affected by the event and over the years grows stronger and stronger, training his body to fight bad people.

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As a child Bruce fell into a well and was traumatized as bats flew above him. Years later, Bruce takes on the disguise of a bat to conquer his own fear and put terror into others who live in Gotham city. There have been many Batman movies, and many Batman actors from Michael Keaton, to George Clooney, to Christian Bale, and more. 

Batman also has many interesting enemies from the Joker, to the Riddler and Poison Ivy, and many more, keeping the storylines fresh and interesting! What also keeps audiences hooked is the love theme in all Batman movies, as there is always a beautiful love interest in his life, who always happens to be a very strong woman. People will always love Batman.


The story of Spiderman is tragic and fantastic all in one! Peter Parker loses his parents at a young age in a plane crash, and is then raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Then one day, when Peter Parker is a teenager, he goes with his high school class to a special science lab, only to have a spider, that has been genetically modified, bite him and give him superpowers. He takes on many amazing abilities of a spider, and is able to climb walls and swing between buildings.

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Spiderman is a young and fun superhero where much humor is used in his dialogue. Peter Parker works as a photojournalist who took the world’s first selfies – of himself as Spiderman! He is in love with the gorgeous Mary Jane Watson. Spiderman has been played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Spiderman is relatable, fun and appeals to a younger crowd. He is also a firm favorite among many!

A Final Look At All Three

What’s interesting is all these superheroes lost their parents at a young age, and experienced trauma, forcing them to grow up at a tender age. The only difference is Superman, who only found out who his real parents were at a later stage of his life, although experienced trauma as a baby. 

The only superhero that comes from wealth out of these three is Batman, who experiences a second trauma when he falls into a well full of bats. These men are all complex characters, who work on their own fears and through their own challenges, but turn into the most outstanding superheroes at the end of the day, saving lives and proving there is true humanity in the world!

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