Noom Review – How does Noom Coach Work?


Noom Coach is a mobile application that uses behavior change and habit building to help promote long-term, sustainable weight loss. In a study published last month in Nature’s Science Reports, data showed successful weight loss of 78% of users in a 9 month period. Additionally, 23% of the study’s population lost over 10% of their starting bodyweight, with the prevalence of obesity decreasing by nearly 30%.

What Features does the Noom Coach program have?

The core features of the Noom Coach app include a food logger and an activity tracker. Noom’s reliable and extensive food database provides over 3.7 million food logging options, and includes a large number of brand names, cultural foods, and meals from over 850 restaurants and chains. Can’t find a food? Users can simply use the integrated bar code scanner to log their foods seamlessly. Noom has also taken into consideration how each users approaches portion sizes, and includes a handy visual guide in-app with easy to understand units like a deck of cards or a fist to make food logging even more accurate.

Noom uses a unique “Traffic Light” color system to help users identify simple ways to monitor their diet each day. Noom uses volumetrics when categorizing foods and factors in the concentration of healthy and unhealthy nutrients in each food. “Green foods” are the least calorie-dense and contain the highest concentration of healthy nutrients. “Red foods” are the most calorie-dense and contain a low concentration of healthy nutrients. Yellow foods are categorized somewhere in the middle.

Noom allows users to track calories burned and exercises through either the built-in pedometer or by syncing with an extensive list of supported wearables including Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, and many more.


Noom Review


What is the Healthy Weight Course?

Noom’s Healthy Weight course is a program delivered in app that lasts a full 16 weeks, or the time Noom has discovered is the appropriate amount of time required to form new healthy habits. Upon purchasing of the Healthy Weight program, users are assigned to a virtual support group designed to enable anyone to give motivational feedback, share helpful tips, or discuss struggles or barriers anyone might be facing. Alongside the groups, a user is also paired up with a personal coach who will help them identify the areas that are holding a user back from achieving their desired weight. A coach leads the program, sending each user a helpful article that is designed to teach a user a different weight loss topic every week. Each week of the curriculum helps users learn a different aspect of weight loss and healthy living, to ensure that any healthy behavior is sustainable and long lasting.

How Do I Download Noom?

You can try Noom’s Healthy Weight course Download Noom!


Top 5 Weight Loss Applications

A personal coach is now considered a mark of being rich but we could all use weight loss assistance when we try to become healthy, which is why weight loss applications have become more popular over time. However, just because an application has a four to five start rating, it doesn’t mean much of anything anymore does it? Weight loss applications have been out since Google Play was created, which makes it difficult to gauge the usefulness of weight loss applications. This is why we have a Top 5 Weight Loss Applications, along with reviews, so you don’t have to do the work and spend hours trying to find a good weight loss application.

Noom Weight Loss Coach – Free weight loss Application

This application ensures that you have access to literally everything except free food and a gym. The weight loss application averages a ten pound loss per month per user. It provides you with a nutritional database, healthy recipe database, and a weight loss community.

diet apps review

Lose It! – Free weight loss Application

This program is geared more towards those who prefer to look at diets systematically. The weight loss application provides you with a large nutritional data base and you can track your progress similar to watching stock market values, as well as in comparison with the community you’re in.

Nexercise – Free Weight Loss Application

Nexercise is built for those who love to compete with their friends, especially over leveling and earning achievements. That’s right, this weight loss application is specifically geared towards gamers and gaming communities. We’ll go into the specifics in the review article but this is a very fun weight loss application.

Weight Tracker – Free Weight Loss Application

Weight Tracker is geared towards those who want to go further than just weight loss, providing you with tools to see just how much muscle over fat that you have. The weight loss application is very useful for those worried about more than just their waist line and allows you to keep official documents of visible weight loss with a back-up storage system; perfect for military standards.

Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss- $2.99 Weight Loss Application

A small price to pay for exactly zero number calculation; no more keeping track of nutrition. The Diet Assistant Pro does it all for you, except for eat the food. Choose a diet plan you like and follow the daily meal plan. There are many more options that make this application worth the price and it will be covered in the Diet Assistant Pro review.


Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss Review: Top 5 Weight Loss Applications

The Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss is perhaps one of the biggest weight loss applications available but it’s popularity still hasn’t grown, even though it’s an excellent application. This is because it set challenging goals and removes any need to think about what foods you should eat. This application is really worth the purchase and here’s why.

How does Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss help you lose weight?

The Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application takes out the need for research and comparison. You simply tell it what you like and don’t like, along with what plan you want to follow on the list of diets they provide you.

The Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss simply chooses your meal plan for the day and creates a list of ingredients of what you’ll need in order to make it, the all-natural way of course. You can switch out the meal choices by simply clicking on the meal item and choosing from the list that pops up.

This removes any need to wonder about how many calories, nutrition, or calories you need to burn because the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application does it all for you.

Diet Assistant

What special features does the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss have?

The number one special feature that the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application has to offer is the way it handles diets. You choose the diet plan from a list of diet plans that the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application has in its databanks. Then, the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application plans every meal for every day for as long as you want to stay on that diet plan.

The second special feature that the program has for its users is the share option. You can share which meal you are going to have on your social media networks and someone can enjoy that meal with you!

What annoyances can you expect from the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss ?

The number one annoyance with the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application is its rather small list of diet plans. Anyone who has gone to the diet section of a book area in any book store will know there are thousands of diets out on the market but the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss has a list that amounts to no more than thirty. This is an annoyance for many who don’t like vegetarian based diets (on which most of the application’s diets are) and want to venture into a more popular diet like the Paleo diet.

If you no longer want to worry about whether you’re eating the right foods in order to lose weight then the Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss application is for you.


Weight Tracker Review: Top 5 Weight Loss Applications

The Weight Tracker weight loss application is excellent as a straight up weight loss application; record your weight, estimate your fat, and learn how much you need to burn in order to lose weight. This application is great for those who don’t need any motivation or community to help drive their weight loss.

How does Weight Tracker help you lose weight?

The Weight Tracker weight loss application helps you lose weight by keeping accurate body measurements and weight loss elements on hand at all times. This is a little different than regular weight loss applications, which only ask for your weight.

The Weight Tracker weight loss application asks for you neck thickness and many other elements to determine just how much body fat you actually have. This is excellent for those who want to lose nothing but fat and keep all the muscle.

In addition to this, anyone you invite in the application will be able to compare their results with yours. The Weight Tracker weight loss application is excellent for those who are preparing to join in the military or trying to keep their weight from going up.

Weight Tracker review

What special features does the Weight Tracker  have?

Other than the extensive data representation needed in order to determine your fat percentage, the Weight Tracker weight loss application is nothing really special.

What annoyances can you expect from the Weight Tracker ?

The Weight Tracker weight loss application is the least demanding and least expansive of all of the weight loss programs, which is the annoyance of the program itself. It doesn’t have a really large food database and it falls short on actually helping you lose weight.

The program itself keeps a rather good record of how you are doing but, beyond that, it doesn’t really do much else for you. This can be very annoying especially if you are doing everything you think is right but your statistical data simply doesn’t match up.

If you simply want to keep track of your weight to keep the weight off or if you want to use the application to help yourself keep in line with others, this the Weight Tracker weight loss application is right for you. Otherwise, look at the other five weight loss application that we have reviewed that provide a lot more features.


Nexercise Weight Loss App Review

The Nexercise weight loss application is a very fun application provided you have a gaming community or group that’s willing to compete with you. This weight loss application is very fun and many of its consumers will agree in calling it addictive.

How does Nexercise help you lose weight?

The Nexercise weight loss application makes everything you do just that much more fun. Depending on how many people you have, there’s a leader board to see who has ranked the highest and who has gotten the most experience points.

Similar to actual games, the Nexercise weight loss application provides you with an online community who have access to the same tools as you do. This means you don’t have to have friends outside of the Nexercise weight loss application in order to be competitive because you can simply find people or groups through the application.

Nexercise weight loss

What special features does the Nexercise have?

The Nexercise weight loss application has a ton of special features to keep you going. Not only are their achievements but there’s an actual rewarding system within the application for actual items, not the chest in-app fake kind.

There’s a community board where you can get together with other people. The database for exercise, restaurants, nutrition, and recipes is by far one of the largest on the planet. You have absolutely no limit on how many meals and snacks you can add, or how much exercise you do.

What annoyances can you expect from the Nexercise?

There’s quite a few annoyance with Nexercise weight loss updates but no such annoyance with the actual application.  Whenever they do an update, it can be quite messy and many times the updates have broken things. This is normally an issue with not having a wide database of phone scripts and is easily fixed by the next time an update comes around. However, the Nexercise weight loss application still works with the basic application.

Another annoyance comes with updating information within the database. Sometimes, someone else will change an item in the database and it will through your information off because you have the same item. In addition to this, sometimes an exercise script is broke and will show that you haven’t burned any calories even though you have.


While you may have trouble with the updates, the Nexercise weight loss itself is still very user friendly. This weight loss application is definitely worth downloading even if it’s just to try it out.


Lose It! App Review: Top 5 Weight Loss Applications

The Lose it! Weight loss application is a very intricate weight- loss application that provides you with a weight loss routine similar towards running a stock market. Everything is all about numbers, which for a select group of people works very well.

How does Lose It!  help you lose weight?

Like the stock market, the Lose it! Weight loss application is a very competitive environment. Your results are compared with those in your community to see who “earned the most value” or, in other words, lost the most amount of weight.

In addition to this, the Lose it! Weight loss application doesn’t rely on your food to solely figure out what weight you are. Instead you can manually put in your weight. The Lose it! Weight loss application is not only a competitive way to lose weight but it’s also a great way to find out if there’s something wrong with your body.

What special features does the Lose It!  have?

There are a few extra features that make the Lose it! Weight loss application worth downloading. Not only does the free application give you recipes but it gives you nutritional facts to help you change your diet to meet healthier needs.  Along with this it adds a long list of exercises and restaurants, each with recorded data so that you know exactly how much you will burn or gain.

Other than what was listed, there’s nothing really that special about the Lose it! Weight loss application. The database for food is extremely large and very easy to use, with a search engine that recognizes user entry errors. This lowers the annoyance of trying to find the foods that you ate.

What annoyances can you expect from the Lose It! ?

There are a few annoyance that come with the Lose it! Weight loss application, and it’s mainly from life facts. For one, the limitation of the Lose it! Weight loss application comes from when you first sign up and it asks you your weight goals. It only allows you to choose up to two pounds a week, which makes your weight loss plan infinitely longer than you originally planned it to be.

Another annoying fact about the Lose it! Weight loss application is that you will have to find and connect your own community. This is the main aspect of the program and it relies on other people to update their information so that you have something to compete with.

Unless you have up to five people who want to compete with you, then it’s better if you download this program for its statistical value.


Review: Hemp Seed Protein

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic shift worldwide in the perception of marijuana. While some continue to view it as a gateway drug to much more damaging substances, the majority are willing to concede its medical usefulness and relative harmlessness even in comparison to legal drugs such as alcohol. This has a positive impact on marijuana’s much tamer relative, hemp. Hemp contains so little THC that smoking huge quantities of it for hours on end will not get you even a little high. Added to this, hemp is a very fast growing tree that produces superior quality fabric and paper. Much more importantly for the issue of world hunger, hemp trees produce large quantities of seed that are highly nutritious and easily harvested.

Hemp Seed

Source of Protein

Hemp nuts or hemp hearts as they are sometimes known look exactly like marijuana seeds when unshelled which may be part of the reason they remain unpopular in many circles. They, however, offer a vegan source of protein that is in some way more complete than found in soy beans and definitely easier to digest. The plants grow very quickly and are naturally resistant to most pests so that they can be (and usually are) grown organically with no effort. To put it simply, the plant is so strong that it would be a waste of money to apply pesticides or artificial fertilizers to it that it simply does not need.

Milk Substitutes

Hemp seeds are currently being used in many of the same types of products as soy such as milk substitutes and the textured vegetable protein or TVP that many non-meat-eaters consume in patty form. The oil derived from the seeds in processing is also quite healthy and can be used in cooking but does not have a very long shelf life so beware of its tendency to go rancid and monitor it carefully before each use.

Mild Nutty Flavor

Last but not at all least, we should consider the taste. Raw hemp seeds with their shells removed have a mild almost nutty flavor that is most similar to a raw sunflower seed mixed with a very mildly baked cashew. This description does not do the flavor much justice but suffice it to say, it’s not a terrible to consume. Because the seeds actually taste quite nice without any processing, they can be easily included in smoothies, poured over breakfast cereals or added to yogurt to quickly and easily enhance the protein content of a meal which is particularly useful to vegetarians such as myself.


Having tried many a revolting food item in the search for cruelty free protein, hemp seeds turned out to be a refreshingly good option that I would recommend anyone try at least once.


Castor Oil – A Beauty Panacea

Many people (particularly those above a certain age) will remember castor oil as a potent laxative. The version they will have most exposure to would be a highly viscous light yellow or clear liquid that has been highly processed. Many more versions are available now. Jamaican Black caster oil, for instance, is derived from the castor bean via cold pressing. This oil is very dark and rich and retains much more of its healing properties than more altered versions which are extracted chemically using hexane. Other organic, hexane free castor oils are also readily available. So, aside from curing constipation what can it do?

Castor Oil

Hair Care

Castor oil thickens and strengthens hair. This is a difficult concept for many to swallow seeing as the market for hair products that do this is so huge. Logically one would assume that no one would buy other products if they could get results from just an oil. They would be wrong. Results will vary but castor oil does contain fatty acids that strengthen the hair follicles and even impart greater strength to the strands when used in hot oil treatments. This should be undertaken with care if your hair is more prone to oiliness than dryness. Similarly, castor oil has been shown to improve the length, strength and thickness of eyelashes when used consistently. For all of the ladies who have damaged their real eyelashes significantly with poorly applied false ones, this is a good way to try filling them in.

Healing Scars

Scars respond quite well to castor oil as well. Once you begin application before the scab has formed, the castor oil will help the skin to knit itself back together in an orderly fashion that resembles the way it was prior to injury rather than the haphazard renewal of skin that happens when we scar badly. I have seen this result myself but as with anything of a medical nature, you should research this thoroughly and consult a physician before you attempt anything you are uncertain of.

Wrinkle Reduction

You may also get good results for wrinkle reduction using castor oil as part of the oil cleansing method. This involves using the castor oil on the skin the way many would apply a toner right before bed. The stickiness of the oil may be bad for your linen though and a few people have said the oil affects their acne when applied undiluted. It will vary from person to person so, as with most things, you should do what is best for you.

Between, hair and eyelash growth, scar prevention and wrinkle fighting powers, castor oil is a good inexpensive addition to any natural cosmetic arsenal.


The Coconut: A Woefully Underrated Superfood

Coconuts have long been included in recipes all over the world from ice creams to candy bars and certain styles of chicken. To most, it is nothing new however recently attention has been placed on two of the less utilized aspects of the plant, its oil and its juice (also known as water).


Coconut Water

The many applications of Coconut water may have been a fairly recent discovery in many parts of the world but people who live on islands like those of Hawaii and the Caribbean have been using it for generations. The sweet and slightly salty tasting liquid is a popular beverage at beaches but has also been recommended by doctors for its perfectly blended mix of electrolytes that aid in rehydration during illness. This makes it a good choice for athletes and explains why it is now a popular ingredient in some niche sports drinks. A good insider tip to note: coconut water may be clear but it stains a deep purple so try not to let it dry on your clothing if it spills.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has had a similarly convoluted journey to worldwide acceptance. It contains very high levels of cholesterol a fact which led many potential users to turn away from it a few decades back. It was only recently with the discovery of two types of cholesterol, one good and one bad that coconut oil was exonerated. It is a great source of the good kind of cholesterol and may help reduce the bad one making it healthy in more than one way at once. Foods cooked in coconut oil will have a mildly coconut like flavor which may not work in all recipes but can enhance the flavor of certain dishes.

Medicinal Value

Aside from its culinary appeal, coconut oil has a history in Ayurvedic medicine where among other things it is used for oil pulling. This is a process of swishing oil around the mouth, usually right after waking for several minutes for purification of the mouth and other health benefits. The practice is beginning to catch on outside of Asia but still remains unknown to many. Far more common is the use of coconut oil topically in skin care. It moisturizes the skin deeply without being greasy and for many it can help slow the signs of aging. This is why several cosmetic products now include coconut oil and its moisturizing properties are utilized in many hair care lines as well.


If you choose to use coconuts, remember that there is more than one way you can reap their benefits. You have the option to use the water, the flesh and the oil in different recipes and see what you come up with. It will definitely be good for your health.

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