WATCH: Gillette Tells Society What It Wants Men To Be

It appears that being Woke can be incredibly lucrative for companies.

Gillette’s most recent ‘short film’ is aimed at men who challenge themselves ‘to do more, that we can get closer to our best’. Playing on the famous slogan made popular for decades, the advert tackles issues like toxic masculinity, the #MeToo Movement, and what it means to be a man in 2019.

At the time of writing, the video has amassed 206,000 dislikes in two days.

It appears that people don’t respond well to companies and products telling people what to be and how to act. This isn’t new. In 2017, Pepsi pulled its controversial advert that featured Kendall Jenner after the soda company suggested the world’s problems could be solved by drinking a soft drink.

In 2018, people took to social media to burn their Nike shoes after they promoted Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, claiming he was disrespecting the United States’ flag. Nike’s 2018 report missed analyst expectations and the company’s shares dropped 4% – considered a poor performance and bad gamble to enter the political field.

Only a few days into 2019 and we’ve already seen the latest company jump into whatever political or cultural movement that appears to be trending. Gillette has faced severe backlash for the commercial, implying that its customers – and half the human race – are systematic, aggressive, uncontrollable, toxic, sexual harassers. The boycotts have already begun.

What do you think of the video? Do you think that companies like Gillette should comment on social movements? Let us know in the comments.

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