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Apple unveiled its brand new product last week set to revolutionize the way we transfer money. They’ve called it Apple Card.

Apple Card is coming to consumers in Summer 2019 and includes a myriad of services that expand on its already popular Apple Pay service.

The company claims that “this is Apple Card. A credit card created by Apple, not a bank. Built for simplicity, transparency, and privacy.”

The video shows us how Apple hopes we will manage our transactions, finances, and day-to-day lives solely inside of the Apple ecosystem. No banking apps or 3rd parties needed. As an extension of Apple Pay – which is already used by an estimated 252 million people – it is expected Apple Card will shock the system.

Apple Card will be accessible straight from your phone. Interestingly, the service is completely free and promises no late or international fees.

As we can see in the video above, the user experience relies on attractive color-coded charts to breakdown where users most spend their money.

None of this is particularly new. For years, there have been products to help you track your spending. But what appeals to Apple users is how it’s already integrated into the device.

It may not change how much you spend at the bar with friends, but the data will be there.

What do you think about Apple’s new product? Will you be applying for one in the summer? Let us know what you think.

James Spiro is the Head Writer and Editor at Editor Choice. His passions include comic book movies, tech, politics, and Twitter.

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