WATCH: Inside Singapore’s $1.3 Billion Airport

Next time you book a holiday, consider flying through Singapore airport.

Visitors often marvel at Changi Airport. Used as a resting point for many people traveling to Australia, it is often the proud host of transient passengers for a few hours.

In April 2019, Changi opened ‘Jewel’, a 137,000-foot extension that cost more than one billion dollars. It features a shopping center with 280 retailers, the world’s largest indoor waterfall, and ‘wildlife activities’.

Changi will host approximately 65 million passengers every year.

“The vision for Jewel Changi Airport is to be a destination where ‘The World meets Singapore, and Singapore meets the World,’” explained Hung Jean, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport.

Parts of Changi are open to the public. This means people can take advantage of the amenities even if they’re not flying anywhere.

Business Insider released a video that shows how much is included when you visit Jewel.

What do you think of the development? Would you book a holiday to experience it for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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