Youtube’s Own Video Highlighting The Platform Becomes Its Most Disliked Video

It’s the inception of platform praise. Each year, Youtube releases a ‘Rewind’ video that aims to highlight some of its biggest talent and star power. Influencers, stars, and content creators are all invited to appear in a yearly roundup celebrating what makes Youtube so special.

Youtube’s own video has just become the platform’s most disliked in its history.

At the time of writing, Youtube’s 2018 video has 2 million likes and a whopping 10 million dislikes. The most disliked video on the platform was Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ music video – with 9.7 million dislikes following its upload in 2010.

In terms of percentage, Youtube’s 2018 rewind has an 82% dislike rate whereas ‘Baby’ can boast a 48% rate – meaning more people still like it than dislike it.

But why is this the case? A lot of people are highlighting the fact that Youtube has failed to include some of the most popular moments of the year’s history – such as the Logan Paul controversy, any mention of PewDiePie, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, or Shane Dawson.

It appears Youtube thought that fans would prefer to have Hollywood stars like Will Smith instead.

What do you think of the annual Youtube Rewind video for 2018? Do you think it’s deserving of the hate?

This post was updated on 12/13/18 to reflect the change in stats.

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