WATCH: James Corden Tricks David Beckham In Hilarious Prank

David Beckham knows there’s something quintessentially British about a good, harmless prank.

This week, British funnyman James Corden tricked his longterm friend footballer David Beckham. The comedian planned an elaborate rouse that will surely become one of the funniest pranks in memory.

The setup was simple. Beckham was on his way to see a new statue of himself that was set to be on display in the States. What he didn’t know, however, is that Corden had swapped it to look far worse. With an enlarged bottom, long chin, and extended arms, the statute was a ridiculous caricature of the famous player.

Of course, David Beckham never wanted to appear rude. He awkwardly examined the terrible statue – but failed to hide his dissatisfaction.

Beckham was also faced with actors who confused what team he played on. They praised his performance at ‘Man City’ and included a ‘highlight reel’ full of his worst moments.

The hilarious clip went viral after only a few hours and has since amassed almost nine million views.

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